Some of Miami Brewing Company's brews.
Some of Miami Brewing Company's brews.
Courtesy of Miami Brewing Company

Schnebly's Miami Brewing Company on an Expansion Tear

Miami Brewing Company, the city's master of tropically inspired, handcrafted brews, is making its way to the west coast (of Florida, that is). 

The local beer maker, onsite at Schnebly Redland's Winery in Homestead, has signed a deal with J.J. Taylor Distributing. That means Miami Brewing Company's varieties will be offered in J.J. Taylor’s 17-county distribution area, including the Tampa region.

The company will distribute Big Rod Coconut Ale, Shark Bait Mango Wheat Ale, Miami Vice IPA, Gator Tail Brown Ale, and Little Havana Café con Leche Milk Stout. Cafe con Leche Milk Stout will be available only in draft, but all others will be available in draft and six-pack cans.

"I think Miami Brewing Company brings some of the Miami flavor and flair to the Tampa market," says Julio Amado, assistant to owner Peter Schnebly.

Gator Tail on the canning line.
Gator Tail on the canning line.
Courtesy of Miami Brewing Company

"South Florida is known as a vacation destination, a tropical getaway, or somewhere that you want to go and relax. What better way to relax than with a beer in your hand? Our tagline is 'Vacation in a beer,' and we try to incorporate that thought when we brew our beers," he adds.

Clearly, the MBC team is about increasing its reach. 

"After the west coast, the plan is global domination!" Amado says. "That might be further down the road, but we're working on opening distribution to the rest of Florida as a top priority. We've already been in talks with some of the other distributors around the state, and we're hoping to be in stores and bars by fall or winter.

MBC also began distribution to North Carolina in January, and the brand is starting to see some spread across the state, Amado says.

"Once that is done and settled, we will see how things play out and try to solidify ourselves in our home state before moving on to some more regional states like Georgia or South Carolina."

Miami Brewing Company's uniqueness is a definite plus when it comes to entering markets.

"I think we are bringing some new flavor and style combinations that haven't been seen before, and that's really what the whole craft beer business is about: unlocking new flavors and educating people on the possibilities, as well as inspiring others to try new brews."

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