Schakolad Chocolate Factory: A Last Minute Valentine's Day Savior

Need a last minute box of superb chocolates to complete the


of gifts (roses, chocolate, and jewelry) for Valentine's Day? Try Schakolad on 41st Street

in Miami Beach. Its


exterior is the work of co-owner Raquel Schachter, who runs the place with her son Eli.



in European-style hand-dipped chocolates delivered as

truffles or molds such as footballs, high heels, tool

boxes, and pool tables. the store also sells heart-shaped boxes ($60 for the


scaling down to $18 for the smallest). The molded creations can be

personalized. Raquel said that people have given her rings and had her

inscribe chocolate boxes with "Will you marry me?" She happily notes,


have proposed with our chocolate!"


and Eli

opened their doors in September 2009, serving 100 percent


chocolate. Additionally,

they offer Cholov

Yisroel, chocolates, which are created using a specific kind of milk under the strictest

kosher guidelines including supervision of a rabbi in a separate

kitchen. The

Cholov Yisroel mocha ganache was a smooth, very creamy truffle that

melted almost

instantaneously in my mouth. Prices: half-pound box: $18.50, one pound


$36, two pound box: $70. Non-Cholov Yisroel prices are: half-pound


$17, one pound box: $33, two pound box: $6.


is also a

dairy-free, or parve, collection of

chocolates that Raquel says many of her vegan customers choose. Her


and work area behind the counter are spotless and extremely organized,

with the

molds color-coated depending upon the chocolate that they can be used




features a small gelato counter with flavors such as


(hazelnut chocolate), Belgian dark chocolate, strawberry cheesecake,


and peanut butter. A small, one scoop, is $3.50. Two

scoops (large) cost $5. A pint goes for $10.

Toppings are 50 cents.



smoothies (16 ounces) are $6.50. Other drinks include frappuccino

($3.50) and

chococcino ($4.25).


says they offer chocolate parties for birthdays and showers.

There is

a minimum of 12 people and a maximum of 25-30. Schakolad also offers


(minimum of 12 people). People are given the

opportunity to

put on a pair of gloves and dip their own chocolate. It's $12 per person


the tour and $18 per person for parties.


(Schakolad) can

serve all purposes. People come here for celebrations. They have

chocolate when

they're sad. I had a woman come in to treat herself to our chocolate

after her

divorce... They also come here to celebrate births," says Raquel.

And as I

was on my

way out, a woman came in, confessing, "I'm addicted to your

chocolate." Add my valentine and I to that list!

Schakolad Chocolate

456 41st

Street, Miami


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