Say It to His Face

We drooled when we tasted Jeff McInnis' sublime mango sorbet. One spoonful and suddenly he was the "hot chef of our dreams," knocking Bobby Flay down to number two.

So when we found out that he was going to be a contestant on our favorite culinary reality show, we made a date with him each Wednesday at 10 o'clock. From the couch we thought he was vain, but when he put out an unsuccessful (and losing) ceviche on Super Bowl Sunday, we felt his pain. Until he made that comment about Bravo exploiting his constant shirtlessness. Oh, Jeff. Bobby wouldn't have complained.

Saturday, February 21 we'll give Jeff another chance to be our number one. He's hosting "Chef's Night" on the rooftop of the Pelican Hotel (826 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach) with other Season 5 Top Chef-ers Leah Cohen, Hosea Rosenberg, Jamie Lauren and Melissa Harrison. Each former contestant will have his or her own station filled with goodies of their making, and you'll be able to tell them how it tastes. And feel free to tell Jeff he's hot, and that his ceviche should have been too.  Tickets are $175 and available at www.chefmcinnis.com. 

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