Sawa in Coral Gables Brings Food and Design Closer Together

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When Ramzi Zahr named his new restaurant Sawa ("together"), he wasn't kidding.

Appearing together on the menu of the sleek eatery, on the second floor of Coral Gables' Village of Merrick Park, are taramosalata and moussaka, sushi and tempura veggies, whole branzino a la plancha, pork loin with cilantro sauce, foie gras pita sliders, and lobster with drawn butter. That's enough togetherness to keep even Jesse James busy. You think Zahr should have called the place "multiple personalities"?

Just kidding.

Anyway, there's a whole lot of togetherness in Sawa's design too. Inside, there are white walls, white chandeliers, white leather upholstery, vividly colorful interactive artworks by Miami artist Chady Elias, and an ever-changing LED light show behind the bar. Outside, there are billowing white curtains and more white leather, as well as a hookah lounge where you can puff away guava-, wild berry mint-, and even booze-flavored tobacco.

Quick, somebody text Jesse James.

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