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Savoring South Beach: A Food Blog By Red Pepper

Red Pepper is a food blogger who arrived in Miami this past summer "from the tundra of Minnesota." "While in hibernation in the great north for more years than a single woman should be allowed to stay, I started and maintained a popular food blog called Twin Cities Eats focused on restaurants, food literature and travel. Over the course of four years, I wrote over 600 blog posts."

Ms. Pepper has re-imagined her Twin Cities blog into Savoring South Beach, which includes "the best of my world and US travel posts and foodie book reviews" as well as posts that review South Florida restaurants. The restaurant posts are personal, show humor, and don't shy from criticism. Each posts end with a "thumbs up, thumbs down" overview.

By way of example, here's what RP's ending summation of De Rodriguez Ocean, Mercadito, and Michy's (I like her point on the valet parking lot):

De Rodriguez Ocean
Thumbs Up: Great side dishes, lovely location
Thumbs Down: Slow service, mixed food and cocktail quality, hats indoors on the servers (unsettling, feels rude)

Thumbs Up: Very pretty space, multiple vegetarian tacos options
Thumbs Down: Service, noise, just too hectic! My personal nightmare...

Thumbs Up: Great starters, fun atmosphere, amazing dessert
Thumbs Down: Middling mains, why is there valet parking in a parking lot?

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