Save Scotty's Landing Tonight by Drinking Beer

Though Scotty's Landing doesn't seem in as dire circumstances today as a few months back, the landmark waterfront joint's future is still uncertain.

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Scotty's Landing: Five Reasons to Save it

But Scotty's has a loyal following of locals, regular tourists, boaters, and just plain lovers of cheap beer and sunsets that are willing to fight the good fight as witnessed on regular jaunts to the restaurant.

At the entrance to the restaurant more often than not you'll find a volunteer or two asking you to fill out a Save Scotty's Landing petition.

You can also buy a Save Scotty's Landing t-shirt for $10 or check out the Save Scotty's Landing Facebook page.


tonight, October 18, you can drink for your cause. From 5 - 7 p.m., $15 gets you

all the Corona Light you can drink, along with music. The petition will

also be passed around, if you haven't already signed it.

As for

the future of Scotty's Landing? Well, there was all that hoopla

concerning the city of Miami's RFP for a mixed-use marina/restaurant

concept in June. Then in July, the city scrapped all the proposals,

leaving the restaurant and Grove Key Marina back to where it started.


that's not to say Miami will leave well enough alone for long.

"We're on a month by month situation now," owner Scott Wessel

told Short Order. 

Which means that the future of Scotty's, like

life itself, is uncertain. So for now, there's still time for a few more

sunsets and a few more rounds.

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