Santana, Pharrell, and Lil Jon: Celebrities With Liquor Brands

These days it's not enough to have just one job. In this economy, you have to be a hustler to get by. If you're lucky, maybe you'll even be successful.

Celebrities are no different; they like to have their hands in the cookie jar too. It's easy to criticize stars -- say they're sellouts. We say they're smart. But just because they're celebrities doesn't mean they're successful at everything they do. Take Donald Trump and his glorious vodka. Remember that catastrophe?

Here's a look at the liquor brands that are still around, strong and worth trying (even if just for kicks)...

The Newcomers

Casa Noble tequila: Carlos Santana recently joined the world of tequila by obtaining stake in Casa Noble Tequila. Apart from his deep love of tequila, here's why he joined: "Passion, dedication and integrity is what attracted me to Casa Noble Tequila. They strive for excellence and don't take shortcuts." Never tried it? It is one of the finest ultrapremium spirits portfolios in the world, boasting a family of single-estate organic tequilas: crystal, reposado, and añejo.

Qream: Pharrell Williams launched Qream last month with various parties throughout the country. Naturally, there was a bash in our dear city; Miami's debut came July 28. He was also spotted in various locations throughout the 305 last weekend. Extending his vacation, we hope? In partnership with Diageo, the cream liqueur was created for contemporary women who seek a delicious and diverse drink. Qream comes in two varieties: strawberry and peach.

Crystal Head vodka: Remember Dan Aykroyd? "Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!" Yeah, that dude is knee-deep in wines and

spirits. Not only does he have his own vineyard in northern New York

state, but also he's now promoting his very own vodka, which comes in a skull bottle. This is not a new passion. The Canadian actor

was singlehandedly in charge of bringing Patrón tequila to Canada. He has even

hooked up with Bruce Willis to be the spokesperson for the vodka. So,

why vodka? It's versatile and everyone likes it.

Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio: If

you've seen The Real Housewives of New York, you know who Ramona Singer is. For those who don't know her name, she's the lady in the

picture above. On the show, she is best known for

guzzling Pinot Grigio like it's going out of style. What does a reality

show star with dwindling minutes of fame do? Launch a liquor brand,


Old Favorites

Cîroc: The vodka is extremely popular and most synonymous with P. Diddy. Created in 2003, it is distilled from fine French grapes and part of the Diageo brand. Diddy owns 50 percent of the brand, which comes in two flavors: red berry and coconut.

Little Jonathan Winery: Hey, rappers can be classy too. In Lil Jon's own words: "This is not no ghetto Boone's Farm; this is some real wine." The wine even won a silver medal from the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Group in 2009. In partnership with California winemaker Alison Crowe, it probably tastes better than his Crunk Rock. Little Jonathan Winery sells Chardonnay and Merlot.

Skinnygirl Cocktails: For the lush who enjoys drinking but hates the calories, Skinnygirl Cocktails are genius. They are tasty and ready to drink -- just open and pour. Available in two varieties (sangria and margarita), it was created by reality show veteran Bethenny Frankel. The brand became so successful that it was acquired by Fortune Brands for a lot of moolah earlier this year. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed publicly, but numbers are rumored to be in the $100 million range, making Frankel one rich gal.

3 Vodka: Vodka can be made out of anything, but did you know this one is distilled from soybean? Created by Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson, it's extremely popular in the diet world because it's low-carb and Atkins-friendly. There's even a product called 3X that contains guarana, caffeine, and taurine. Is that even healthy?

Francis Ford Coppola Winery: He directed The Godfather, and now you could say he is "the Godfather" of the celebrity spirits trend. The wine from Sonoma is extremely popular across the country and can be found almost anywhere wine is sold.

New Leaf Vineyard - Batali Selection Wines: This really needs no explanation. Restaurants, books, and shows -- it was bound to happen with ubiquitous chef Mario Batali. We wonder if his best friend Gwyneth is next?

Mansinthe: Only Marilyn Manson, a true absinthe enthusiast, could come up with something as sinfully tasteful as this. The liquor took two years to perfect, with Manson involved in every step. Shows he has some heart somewhere. And because absinthe is now legal in the United States, it is available for purchase nationwide.

Roberto Cavalli vodka: Fashion naturally leads to vodka? The name says it all -- it's Roberto Cavalli's own spirit. The vodka is made from Italian grain and Italian water and filtered through layers of crushed Italian marble. Fun fact: This was also the first vodka to be produced entirely in Italy. We guess it appeals to the more international set -- as well as the ladies, because he personally describes it as the appeal, seduction, and quintessence of pure femininity.

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