S&S Diner at Allen's to Close July 24

The S&S Diner South at Allen's will close July 24.

A sad note on the restaurant's Facebook page announced the news, stating that the beloved retro eatery would shutter because the landlord did not want to negotiate a new lease. It seems the diner had a sublease with Allen's Drugs, and when the store decided to close, S&S was part of the package.
"For reasons beyond our control, it is with great sadness that we announce that we will be closing our doors permanently at 4000 SW 57 Ave on July 24th, 2016. The owner of the strip mall did not want to offer us the opportunity for to sign a new lease. We were told there are plans to allow the Spanish restaurant to expand, taking over the complete space. We were on a sublease with Allen's, since They decided they would not renew their lease that gives us no options. Given the fact that we were there nearly a decade and having met all our responsibilities in that time we assumed that it would not be a problem obtaining an independent lease. That was not the case. My biggest heartache comes from watching a piece of history fade away just like many places in our beautiful city. But business is business. I can rebuild the diner anywhere and will be successful but being a part of this community, many friends we see as family on a daily basis .Meeting people that have been coming here way before I was even born, watching them reminisce and listening to their stories on times they spent here, that is the hardest part.

We have plans of relocating, trying to stay in the area,but our destination is uncertain at this time,we will keep you posted via social media. Fresh fit fuel (our healthy meal plan) will remain open. And will be delivering beginning August. From our Family to yours! Thank you all for the wonderful times and hope to see you again in our new home!!We will keep you posted!"
The 1950s-themed diner wasn't the original noshing spot at Allen's, but it was filled was history all the same. Since 1948, the drugstore with the iconic neon sign has hosted an eatery. That means nearly every native Miamian has grown up eating there and, although the name changed from Picnic Diner to S&S, the act of eating good, simple comfort food with a strong cup of hot coffee hadn't changed for generations.

The diner, open for breakfast and lunch only, is a spot for those seeking out a bit of Americana. Menu items include coffee milkshakes, Salisbury steak smothered in gravy, meatloaf, and pie à la mode.

In a city that's becoming increasingly complicated and modernized, Miamians will miss this simple treasure.

Luckily, we'll have a good month to get a last bite and some more memories for the road.
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