Salumi Shop Meets Trattoria Arriving Soon in Midtown

Midtowners can soon rejoice in the cold cut happiness that is Salumeria 104 (3451 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 104), a one-stop shop for cured meats, homemade breads and specialty products imported from Italy. The newcomer, scheduled to open on December 12, will also serve as a neighborhood trattoria, offering a menu that covers everything from pumpkin ravioli to an Italian classic, costoletta, a bone-in pork cutlet.

Graspa Group is the name behind the project. It currently co-owns and operates local restaurants Segafredo, Spris, MaiTardi, and the recently added, Soyka. The design is meant to communicate rustic comfort, with refurbished wood furniture and wall shelving stocked solid with bottles of vino. Sides of pork and salumi will be hanging from the ceiling, so the best view in the house is actually right above your head.

Over the past few weeks they have been running a campaign to foster curiosity about cured meat around town; to find out when and where you can spot a chef and his little piggie between now and opening day, just "Track the Pig" on Facebook by clicking here.

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Lesley Elliott
Contact: Lesley Elliott