Salty Donut and UberEats Deliver Doughnuts on Demand for National Pumpkin Day

It's National Pumpkin Day, and the Salty Donut wants to celebrate. Beginning at 11 a.m., UberEats will deliver doughnuts from the famed shop within minutes of orders being placed.

"We're extending as south as Kendall and all the way up to Aventura," says Andy Rodriguez, cofounder of the Salty Donut. "We've made as many as we can, and drivers will be across Miami ready to deliver."

Doughnuts are expected to sell out quickly, so listen carefully. Stop what you're doing, grab your phone, and open the Uber or UberEats app. There will be a pumpkin symbol on the bottom right side of your screen. Select it as you would if you wanted to order an UberX or an UberPool. Uber will charge $6 to your credit card, and a limited-edition, fall-inspired box of doughnuts will appear at your location within five to 15 minutes.

"It's superexciting because we're doing this on a day that we're not open, and we're offering flavors that are never seen before and will never be made again," Rodriguez says. "The doughnuts are basically our take on what the fall season is."
The UberTreats Pumpkin Pack will include a 24-hour brioche doughnut filled with pumpkin custard, smeared with cream cheese glaze, and sprinkled with spiced candied pecans, as well as with a homemade butterscotch-toffee-glazed doughnut topped with Maldon sea salt and crème fraîche drizzle, plus two pumpkin-latte-spiked doughnut holes covered in white chocolate and caramelized pepita crumble and paired with a shooter of pumpkin-flavored white-chocolate ganache and cold-brew redux.

Each sweets-filled box, which is limited one per user, costs $6, which is only a dollar more than delivery alone.
"There's going to be like 100 Uber drivers at our kitchen this morning, and we're going to pack hundreds of doughnuts into their cars," Rodriguez says. "It's a lot cheaper than what it normally costs to order our doughnuts on UberEats too. We wanted to give back to everyone who's followed us for all this time."

That's not all: After you receive a pumpkin-inspired doughnut box, enter UberEats' Instagram contest for a chance to snag Salty Donut treats free for a month. Instagram a photo of your pumpkin doughnut, tag and follow @UberEATS and @thesaltydonut, and make sure to add #UberTREATS in your photo caption. Enter by Thursday, October 27, at noon for a chance to win. The winner will be chosen at random and contacted by email. The maximum value of the contest prize is $200.

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