Sakaya's Rat Rod Food Truck: Dim Ssam A Gogo

Inspired by his love of tattoos and rat rods, Richard Hales, owner of Sakaya Kitchen, is preparing to debut his food truck this Sunday at the Fall of the Arts Festival. His Dim Ssam A Gogo food truck hopes to "bring good food to the streets with no frills." Rat rod is defined as the visualization of the idea of function over form.  Rat rods are meant to be driven, not shown off.  Richard tells us "I have the same vision for my food -- no fluff, no frills, just good f'n food." Hence the tag line Munch & Move on.

The truck, built by Food Cart USA, was designed by Adam Forman of High Voltage Tatoo/LA Ink fame. He is the same artist responsible for Richard's signature tattoos and, like his arms, the truck features wings and images done in black, red, grey and white. There is also a large pig featured prominently on the side of the truck with its' butcher cuts shown in both Korean and English.  "We serve a lot of pork, so the pig seemed a natural fit".

To find out where Dim Ssam A Gogo will be, follow it on Twitter and Facebook.

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