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Saint Arnold, Texas' Oldest Craft Brewery, Launching in Miami

Craft beer drinkers in Miami will soon be able to purchase suds from Saint Arnold Brewing Company locally. The Houston-based brewery announced it's coming to the Magic City April 6.

Saint Arnold already has a presence in the Sunshine State. The company introduced itself in the Panhandle and on the Gulf Coast in August 2013.

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But before it came to Miami, Saint Arnold first wanted to see if Floridians truly loved craft beer.

"We wanted to take time to establish a solid footprint along the Gulf Coast before expanding into Miami," Saint Arnold founder/brewer Brock Wagner said. "During that time, we have seen demand for craft beer explode throughout Florida."

Saint Arnold will show up on shelves and on tap. A handful of craft beer bars have signed up for official launch events April 8 and 9. To mark the occasion, Wagner will appear at four bars over the two days to discuss his craft beer philosophy and enjoy a few brewskis on the side.

The bars include:

Saint Arnold's eight most popular brands — Lawnmower, Santo, Ale Wagger, Spring Bock, Summer Pils, Oktoberfest, Christmas Ale, and Winter Stout — will be available throughout South Florida, including the Florida Keys. Miami's Eagle Brands will distribute throughout the region.

The brewery takes its name from Saint Arnold of Metz, a patron saint of beer in Austria. Legend has it that in the Seventh Century, the saint dedicated a part of his life to preaching the safety of drinking beer instead of contaminated water.

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