Russian Candy and a Shot of Vodka

A friend of mine brought me a bagful of Russian candy from Brighton Beach, and after tasting it I've decided I'm going to save it for the Halloween trick or treaters. I never have candy to give away on Halloween, and I find myself more often than not cowering in a darkened bedroom as the knocks on my front door become ever more violent. They know I'm home, don't they?

Well this year the little bastards are in for a REAL surprise. I particularly like the one called Kapa-Kym, with the camels on the wrapper -- what do you suppose the neighborhood mommies are going to make of THAT?

One could only wish they came in flavors like "borscht" or "coal," but alas, they just taste like really stale, cheaply manufactured artificially flavored corn oil.

And just in case you forgot that there's a Youtube video on every conceivable subject:

-- Gail Shepherd

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