Rush Limbaugh to Michelle Obama: You're No Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

Chubby radio ranter Rush Limbaugh called out First Lady Michelle Obama for eating ribs with her daughters while on a ski break in Vail, Colorado.

Rush said that while the nation's number one mom wants everyone to "basically eat cardboard and tofu. No calories, no fat, no nothing -- gotta stop obesity," she's chowing down on some decadent rib action at scores of calories a serving.

But wait -- it gets weirder. Rush then says that Michelle doesn't exactly look like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model or a chick that Alex Rodriguez would bang, either.

He then concludes that while kids in America are "living in food deserts" and hanging out at the mall looking for drops of leftover papaya juice from the Orange Julius stand, Michelle is eating ribs and skiing in Vail (as the Liberal elite are, apparently, prone to do).

The most burning question we have from this Limbaugh tirade is - is Orange Julius still around and do they now serve ribs? Listen to Rush call out Michelle after the jump.

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