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Route 9 Review: Errors Corrected

The Route 9 review that appears in this week's issue has created a mini-storm of local concern among foodies. Frodnesor, Eater, and Bill Cooke have all commented on it.

Here's the deal. Our food critic Lee Klein's review of the small Coral Gables eatery included several factual errors. I learned this when Route 9 owner Jeremy Goldberg phoned to complain about the article. He pointed out that he and his wife were but nine years old the year our story claimed they had graduated from the Culinary Institute of America.

Goldberg also noted we had misstated several other facts: where he and his wife had worked before opening the restaurant, the ingredients used in a fish taco, the number of plates served, and the kind of tortilla served.

We removed the piece from the Internet, reviewed the claims, corrected the mistakes, and reposted it. We regret the errors and extend a heartfelt apology to Goldberg.

Two other claims need to be addressed here. Klime Kovaceski, a chef at Trio on the Bay, dined with Klein at the restaurant. He paid for his own meal and his opinions were not expressed in any way in the review. Klein and Kovaceski are old friends and once had a planned to write a cookbook together, That project never happened.

Goldberg was concerned a competitor had been involved in the review. This claim doesn't hold water. After all, Trio is located more than 20 minutes away on the John F. Kennedy Causeway. It hadn't even opened when they dined at the restaurant.

Finally, Goldberg claims Klein didn't dine at the restaurant. Credit card receipts from two different visits affirm the reviewer's presence.

New Times has written before about Route 9 and may well do so in the future. We wish Mr.and Mrs. Goldberg well.

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