Romney's LadyWear: Fun in the Kitchen For a Binder Full of Women

The clock is running down on the big presidential election. If you're one of the undecideds, you've got about two weeks to make up your mind who you want to see as leader of the free world for the next our years (no pressure).

If, however, you know which candidate you're backing, this is the final push for your man, so it's time to let your friends and neighbors know who you're voting for in. And yes, ladies -- our husbands have allowed us to vote in the upcoming election.

Traditionally, campaigns sell or give away lawn signs, t-shirts, and buttons with catchy slogans and smiling faces.

But what if you want to go deeper in your support?

If you're one of the binder full of women for Mitt, we've found a site that offers truly creative ways to tell the world you're behind the Republican candidate (when you're not busy making dinner or caring for the babies, that is).

Romney's Lady Wear is full of useful ways for you (or, more likely, your housekeeper) to show your Romney love -- whether it be at the supermarket, in the kitchen, or picketing in front of Planned Parenthood.

Here are a few items on our wish list:

Romney Shopping Cart Banner
Whether you're shopping for your husband's dinner party or looking for a tasty treat for Mormon Tabernacle pot-luck supper, this handy shopping cart banner is portable and instantly shows everyone at the Piggly-Wiggly who you support come November.

Romney Woman Apron
Your husband may be head of the household, but you're the woman. And you get a say in who's commander in chief. You're a Romney kind of a woman, so wear your colors proudly.

Presidential Pots and Pans
We're sure Mitt would approve of this multi-use set of non-stick pots and pans, coated in toxic Teflon that emits fumes harmful to birds. Or so those liberal socialists say....

Mitts for Mitt
Mitts for Mitt. So simple, yet so brilliant. Can also be used as an alter-ego puppet during therapy for when you run out of those mood-altering drugs your husband insisted you get instead of birth control.

Note: In case you didn't get it already...this site is clearly a parody (although it does link to the official Romney campaign site).

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