Rolling Pin Bakery in Surfside Offers a Variety of Hamantaschen for Purim

Before you wear green on Monday, if you celebrate Purim you may be also wearing a costume on Saturday evening. This Jewish holiday has its own festive drinking and masquerading, but one of the sweeter traditions, amongst mainly Ashkenazi Jews, is the consuming of hamantaschen.

Hamantaschen are triangle-shaped filled pastries that are said to resemble the hat (or according to some, the pocket or ears) of Haman, a man who set out to kill the Jews in ancient Persia. Fortunately, Queen Esther and Mordecai foiled his efforts and you eat these cookies to commemorate the defeat of the villain of Purim.

If you want to try one of these celebratory cookies, head to Rolling Pin Bakery in Surfside, located a block away from The Shul and right next to Josh's Deli.

Rolling Pin Bakery is a strictly kosher and parve bakery where they are baking up a storm of hamantaschen.

The featured fillings offered are apricot, raspberry, poppy seed and prune. The poppy seed variety is the oldest, most traditional, least sweet and tastiest of them all with that special pop. The dense kosher cookie acts as a strong support for this sticky and seedy filling that resembles a fine caviar or not quite dry asphalt.

The apricot and raspberry cookies are far sweeter, but the prune filling fits nature's candy just perfectly into the center of the pastry. The smaller cookies are $8.50 per pound. One of each of the four flavors ran us around $2.75. The larger hamentaschen are priced at $1.60 each. They assured us that they were making more of each of the flavors and are even open on Sunday in honor of the holiday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Remember to bring cash, because they have a credit card minimum of $10 and that can buy a whole lot of hamantaschen.

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