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Roca Patron, Patron's Newest Tequila, Now Available in Miami

Roca Patrón, the newest line of tequilas by Patrón Spirits Company, has officially hit the Miami market is now available throughout area bars and liquor stores.

The new tequilas come in three varieties: Roca Reposado, Roca Silver, and Roca Anejo. They differ from other Patrón tequilas in that the entire sugar extraction process uses a volcanic rock known as a tahona, a rock shaped into a wheel, to crush the "pina," or the core, of the blue agave plant.

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Known as the "tahona process," it takes hours and is a method of making tequila that has been around for centuries. More traditional methods called for an ox pulling a stone wheel in circles for hours over shredded agave, but a mechanized version is preferred among modern distillers.

New Times caught up with Patrón distiller Antonio Rodriguez last month at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans to learn about the new tequila firsthand.

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"Roca Patrón is unique because it is a tequila made 100 percent from tahonas," Rodriguez told the New Times during the Patrón tasting room at TOTC. "What makes this unique, too, is that we take the fiber and we use it to ferment and distill with it, so it creates complexity of the agave flavors, giving you earthiness and bitterness of the agave in your tequila."

It was not too long ago that Patrón tequila was considered an off-brand liquor. With the help of celebrity endorsements and Patrón CEO Ed Brown, who began marketing the tequila as a top-shelf brand, Patrón is now sought by fancy imbibers everywhere.

Roca Patrón can be found at the following locations throughout South Florida:


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In addition to bottle price, which ranges from $70-$90, each Roca Patrón variety contains a higher alcohol content: Roca Reposada, 84 proof; Roca Silver, 90 proof; Roca Anejo, 88 proof.

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