Rekorderlig Party at Broken Shaker Last Night: Rain Couldn't Stop the Cider from Flowing

Streets were flooded and umbrellas were popping like bottles, but Miami's weather tomfoolery couldn't keep the crowd away from the official launch of Rekorderlig cider at the Broken Shaker last night.

The ciders are made with water from the Boulder-Ridge river, which runs through the Swedish town of Vimmerby. As of this month, its pear, strawberry-lime, and wild berries ciders are available in Miami.

"We're thrilled for Rekorderlig's Florida debut. Capitalizing on the year-round weather and tropical feel, it's the ideal beverage that the market has been missing," says Kieron Barton, Rekorderlig's managing director.

Rekorderlig is made with European apples or pears and is best served chilled with ice, accompanied by citrus and herb garnishes.

At the party, guests were treated to live music, a cider bar, and the now-famous Broken Shaker punch bowl bar.

Joe Rodriguez, one of the joyfully tipsy guests, thought the party was a definite hit. "I'm having a great time," he said, drinking a gin, orange, pear cider, and tarragon cocktail. "The vibe is chill; I love this bar."

Melodie Allegre of the Broken Shaker was manning the punch bowl station and shared the ingredients of the second punch bowl: "This one contains a hibiscus flower reduction, pear cider, basil, tarragon, lemon, and pear cordial."

Rekorderlig cider is already being served at several South Beach locations, such as Bar Crudo, Sweetwater Beer Garden, and the James Royal Palm Hotel.

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