Red The Steakhouse Is Run By Dummies

The email read: "You're invited to Red, the Steakhouse Cocktail Party sponsored"

It was an Art Basel-related promotional affair, and I foolishly assumed there would be cocktails, maybe somebody from MiamiARTzine, and an art exhibition. Instead, a bevy of befuddled and incredibly unsympathetic hostesses, and a clueless manager, stood at Red's entrance, acted as though they knew nothing whatsoever about any such event, and told person after person who came for the art exhibit/cocktail party: "Well, you can go to the bar and buy a drink and talk to people about art..."

Note to Red,The Steakhouse:Go back to Cleveland.

Note to MiamiARTzine:I don't know where you should go, but I'll come up with some place.

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