Recycled Finger Food

At one Palm Beach restaurant, that dirty martini might be REALLY dirty

I'm about to lose one of my best sources for insider restaurant dish -- a friend of mine is retiring, at least temporarily, from her job as a server to get married.

But she's stored up enough tales of woe to keep me busy while she's on hiatus. Like the one about a well-known Palm Beach Italian restaurant that, as long as she worked there, recycled the complementary olives picked over by patrons. Servers would pluck out the gnawed-on pits from Table A and just pitch those babies back into the bin for the next unsuspecting customer to gnosh on at Table B.

Way to bust a recession! I'm not going to name the place, Lord knows I don't need to court any more lawsuits. But I'd love to hear from servers or restaurant insiders who want to dish a little dirt. We've devoted a blog category to your travails, In the Weeds, and we're looking forward to hearing what bugs or exhilarates you about your calling. Post here or email me at

- Gail Shepherd


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