Recipe For Petit Rouge Frisee Lardon Salad

This week's NT review is of Petit Rouge, a charming 24-seat French bistro in North Miami. Chef/owner is Neal Cooper (formerly of Neal's and Il Migliore); chef de cuisine is Daniel Small. In keeping with our recent theme of light, summertime recipes, here's one for Petit's delicious Frisee lardon salad -- a can't-miss taste combo of greens dressed in red wine-Dijon vinaigrette, with poached egg, brioche, and cubes of slab bacon.

Frisee Lardon Salad

2 containers  EARTHBOUND FARMS Frisee Blend

2 slices brioche  toasted, cut in triangles

4 eggs  poached

8 oz slab bacon,  chopped

6 oz red wine Dijon vinaigrette (the vinaigrette recipe will give you extra dressing for salads, chicken, etc...)

1 tsp grain  mustard

1 tbsp bacon fat from slab bacon

MOP (method of preparation):

Poach eggs until  med  soft

Render bacon in pan until crispy, reserve fat for  dressing

Toast brioche

Mix dressing, bacon, bacon fat, and grain mustard until combined

Add  lettuce

Place lettuce mix on plate

Place toast on top of salad

Place egg on toast

Red Wine Dijon  Vinaigrette

1 cup Dijon  mustard

4 cups Red wine  vinegar

3 cups blended  oil

3/4 cups chopped  shallots

1/8  cup sugar

S and P to  taste


Combine vinegar, mustard, and shallots

Burr mix (or whisk well) until combined

Add oil slowly while mixing

Season and store

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