First Bites

Ray the Hot Dog Man: An Artist Sells Eats

Jackie Sayet
Nothing's fishy about Ray Trout's dogs

Ray Trout is owner of Sun, Cloud & Rain Hot Dog Stand.

"I realized after I named it, that I'd have to be out here no matter what," he says.

 It's a hearty commitment, but Ray looks the part.  His sombrero shades a face that's beet red, like he was born with a sunburn.

At Ray's, on the corner of N.E. 2nd Avenue and 17th Street, you can get Nathan's hot dogs, Hebrew National large dogs, and Garcia sausages.  There are sauce options including the obligatory ketchup and a spectrum of mustards like plain yellow, spicy brown, honey and a unique blue cheese variety for which I can personally vouch.  Pile on as many jalapenos, cooked and raw onions, papitas and as much kraut as you want, all for only $1.50.  Add a Chek brand soda or lemonade to wash it all down for just 50 cents more.  He even has Baked Lays.


Jackie Sayet
Dog, it's a pleasure to introduce you to blue cheese mustard


Jackie Sayet
This dog bites back

Flanked by friends at the flower shop in the lot behind, Trout started vending two weeks ago. It's rained five times since then - five times that he's stayed put for customers who know he'll be there.  The first week, he explains, business was great.  It dropped off a little during week two, but is now picking up again.  "I'm getting some regulars now."

Jackie Sayet
Three's a crowd

Born and raised in Wynwood, this hot dog artist is appropriately just that, an artist.  Trout works with found objects for outdoor installations when he's not busy running the Sun, Cloud & Rain stand.  He apologizes for the makeshift sign. "[The cart's] in the process of being painted." 

Jackie Sayet
Stand and soon to offer delivery

He shares with me his vision for a neighborhood art fair inhabiting this block, where he and other emerging artists can display their work and engage with the community.  It's akin to the grandiose plans of area developers, but lacking the commercial artifice. With Trout, it's grass roots and real, like a metaphor for his own life.

'It's time for this area to blossom," he reflects.  "It's been down and out.  You know, we have troubles as kids, and we find a way to make things right for ourselves."

Ray Trout, you're on your way.

Sun, Cloud & Rain 

The corner of N.E. 2nd Ave. and 17th St., Wynwood

Rain or shine, Mon. - Sat. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. and most Sundays (same hours)  

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Jackie Sayet