Rats! Restaurant Emergency Shutdown Orders for December 2009

An emergency order disposition to a routine food inspection at a restaurant means "conditions have been found that endanger the health and safety of the public requiring immediate closure of the establishment. "

Here are three restaurants whose facilities were temporarily closed by health inspectors in December 2009.

1. The Oasis Restaurant - 19 Harbor Dr., Key Biscayne - Click here for full report - Gross violation: "Observed rodent activity as evidenced by rodent droppings found approx 500+ fresh and dry rodent droppings in side room used for storage and prep. coconuts on floor inches away from droppings. approx 50 fresh and dry rodent droppings located in dry storage room. approx 5 fresh rodent droppings at the front counter."

2. Carne Asada Gran Hotel (Deli) - 1 SW 12th Ave., Miami - Click here for full report - Gross violation: "Observed the presence of one live rodent in the kitchen and it went out from the back door of the kitchen."

3. Hong Kong Noodles - 1242 NE 163rd St., North Miami Beach - Click here for full report - Gross violation: "Observed the presence of rodents (ONE LIVE MOUSE IN TRAP IN KITCHEN AREA)."

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