Ralph Pagano's WTF Dinner at Alba Thursday: You Will Eat What I Make and Like It

Alba Seaside Italian's chef/partner Ralph Pagano has a way with words. Just ask the personable toque a question and you'll likely get a story in return.

So we shouldn't be surprised at what he's calling his two dinner specials -- both, by the way, being offered this Thursday, February 7.

The dinners are called WTF and You Will Eat What I Make and Like It Four-Course Killer Italian Dinner While I Pour Groth Super Wines Down Your Throat.

The names are insane and we instantly envisioned a chef taking out a funnel and pouring some Pinot Noir down our gullets, much the same way ducks and geese are fed in the foie gras-making process.

Not sure what to make of it, we contacted Pagano, who explained that though the names are a little nutty, the dinners are a great value -- and a good way to celebrate Valentine's Day a week early -- because while we wouldn't object to being force-fed wine, no one should force-feed us a canned day of romance.

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The You Will Eat What I Make and Like It Four-Course Killer Italian Dinner, While I Pour Groth Super Wines Down Your Throat involves just that. Though Pagano wouldn't reveal exactly what he's making, he did say it'll be a "chefy five-course menu" that includes a cheese and chocolate tasting for dessert. 

Pagano did give us the lowdown on the wines. Marco Esposito from Groth Vineyards will be pouring the Napa winery's Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet, and Cabernet Reserve and describing the offerings. These are no ordinary wines, by the way. The Cabernet Reserve is offered for $125 per bottle directly from the winery, and the Sauvignon Blanc is completely sold out, so this might be the only time you experience that particular vintage. You Will Eat What I Make begins at 7 p.m. Dine on whatever Chef Pagano gives you, and drink plenty of good wine for $120 per person (not including tax and gratuity). Space is limited. Reserve by emailing reservations@albamiami.com.

In Ralph Pagano's world, WTF means "Wine, Travel, Food," and his special chef-inspired dinner is designed to take you on a tour of Italy without leaving Miami-Dade. For $35 (not including tax and gratuity), from 7 to 10 p.m., enjoy unlimited amounts of Gorgonzola salad, Cariofi pizza, fresh cavatelli with shrimp, chianti-braised short ribs, carrot butterscotch, and Parmesan polenta. Also included in the price are cannolis, tiramisu, and affigatos for dessert.

Want some unlimited wine to go with your unlimited food? For $15 additional per person, drink as much vino as you like. Add in a DJ playing tunes, and you've got a fun pre-V-Day dinner at a good price.

Pagano made sure to let me know that the Vinny D Split game is still being played that evening, so pick the right number and your meal could be on the house.

Besides, the next day, when your office mates ask you what you did the night before, you can look them in the eye and shout, "WTF!"

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