Rainy Day Musings #12 and 35

You Can Change The Spelling, But...
The Z Ocean Hotel, formerly known as The Regent and home to Table 8 Restaurant, has opened Zushi Flirt -- formerly Flirt Sushi, which went out of business rather quickly after opening at Washington Avenue and 12th Street three years ago. Owner Marko Radisic still has his original Flirt Sushi in Allendale, New Jersey, and the menu at Zushi will be the same. This means rolls with names like Sexyshimi, Viagra, and Foreplay. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but calling sushi by stupid names is already overdone -- and, for that matter, so are expensive sushi bars on South Beach. But as long as the plan is to ruin the cool ambiance of the Z Hotel lobby with commercial enterprises, I think there may be room to squeeze in a Dunkin' Donuts stand just to the right of the check-in counter.

Is This Any Way To Dress For A Recession?
At the new La Côte restaurant at The Fontainebleau, employees are outfitted head to toe in Ed Hardy uniforms designed by Christian Audigier.

Wow, Look How Big That Bubble Is!
Dot-coms. Big bubble gets bigger and bigger. Bursts. Banking and finance industries. BIg bubbles get bigger and bigger. Burst. Real estate market. Big bubble gets bigger and bigger. Bursts. Restaurant industry. Big bubble gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and...

Speaking of which...
Does anyone remember how cool Lincoln Road was before it became one giant, malodorous outdoor cafeteria?

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