Raffa Jo Harris Seen Eating... Lots and Lots of Avocados

Courtesy of Raffa & Rainer
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Raffa Jo Harris sings and plays guitar in the neo-folk duo, Raffa & Rainer, which won

New Times Best Acoustic Performer

this year. Just this past weekend, the duo

opened for indie folk group CocoRosie


Raffa & Rainer also put on the monthly "Can You Rock a Little Softer?" event at Sweat Records. The next showcase of live acoustic music is this Thursday, September 30 at 8 p.m. Harris will serve her popular vegan chili. Cups go for $5.

New Times: What goes into the vegan chili?

Harris: Lots and lots of onions, peppers, beans, spices, TVP [textured

vegetable protein] and some other stuff. People who aren't vegans and

vegetarians always really enjoy it, too. You can get it with cheese or

fake cheese, sour cream or fake sour cream, and cilantro -- all the


What are some of your other favorite foods to cook?

I'm not vegetarian or vegan, but I love to cook vegan and vegetarian. I

love doing vegetable stir-fries, rice and beans, and nice, big salads.

I was vegetarian for a really long time, and that's when I started

cooking, so I never really learned how to cook meat. Also, I figure that

if I do it that way, I'm eating less meat and animal products, which is

the goal.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

I had an avocado. My fridge is broken right now -- it's so sad. I'm

getting a new one on Wednesday. So, all I've been eating is avocados.

What are some of your favorite places to eat in Miami right now?

I love Lemoni Café right now. It's in the Buena Vista area. It's a

great sandwich place. When I do go out and treat myself, that's

generally the first place I think of. My friend just turned me on to the portobellisimo panini.

On the more healthy kick, I love Lifefood Gourmet on Coral Way. It's

raw vegan food. The desserts are divine. Anybody who is skeptical

about raw food -- you can take them there and make them taste the sweet

crepes or the chocolate mousse.

I also enjoy Soya e Pomodoro. I like going on Fridays because they have

a live jazz band and you can enjoy both the food and the music. Last

time I went, I had this amazing dish -- fazzoletti de fromaggio. It's

pasta filled with pears. There's shrimp in it, too.

What is your favorite fast food/comfort food?

I do love pizza. Or anything home cooked, like veggies with brown rice and a little Bragg's.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.