Ra Sushi Introduces "Fins Roll" for Dolfans, But Is It Worth $12?

What's teal and orange and goes down easy? No, unfortunately we're not talking about the Dolphins cheerleaders, we're talking about the new "Fins Roll" at Ra Sushi.

It's an eight-piece spicy lobster roll topped with fresh salmon and avocado, drizzled in spicy mayo sauce and it costs $12. Umm, that's $1.50 a bite, does Ra think we hadn't heard how cheap lobster is now? Seems like kind of a ripoff.

The roll sports an orange and teal color scheme too, maybe that's what you're paying for, though we're not quite sure what's both teal and edible.

Live football enthusiasts may have an incentive to try it though. Bring in your game day ticket stub for $2 off.

According to a press release, linebacker Channing Crowder recently visited Ra Sushi in South Miami. General Manager Timm Timbrook says "We are looking forward to having some of the other players in to try the roll out for themselves." Yeah we bet, Dolphins stay hungry and got money to burn.

We're guessing the only people who go for this roll are the guys in the following picture.....

Go Dolphins!

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