Quick Tudor House Rose Brunch Recap

We wanted to give you a quick recap of opening weekend at Tudor House's Rose Brunch. Live jazz, good food, and a great vibe -- can't beat it.

Geoffrey Zakarian roamed the restaurant grounds all weekend mingling with guests while they enjoyed executive chef Jamie DeRosa's house made goodies.

One of the highlights was this god-send, Caribbean ​Bloody Mary: Parrot Bay, pineapple juice, pineapple chunks, lime, tomato juice, and jerk seasoning. A scrumptious tweak to a regular Blood Mary... we think the jerk is what added the difference. We loved it so much we asked for more [jerk seasoning, that is].

Dessert dim sum cart goodies included a medley of sweets: fresh doughnut holes, mini cinnamon rolls, 'bite size' giant chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin whoopie pies with cream cheese filling (yum!), bite size cupcakes (our favorite was peanut butter and strawberry jelly... tasted like a mini PB&J). Among the other confections, we sampled the strawberry chocolate pop tarts as well. Must admit that we weren't crazy about them given that they were very sweet. However, if you're a sweet-needer, you'll love them

The bulk of brunch was an over all thumbs up. While we sadly missed the chipotle cream on those huevos rancheros, everything else was a hit (hot cakes with lemon curd and cherries, truffled eggs, egg sandwich, rueben, to name a few). After repeatedly not having the opportunity to try it, I finally jumped on the Cuban sandwich wagon... what a pleasant mixture of flavors: sweet pickles, slightly caramelized red onions, flavor bursting porkbelly and crunchy toasted Cuban bread. My oh my... it may very well be an absolute favorite.

Give it a shot this weekend. Rumor has it Bizarre Food's Andrew Zimmern may be there.

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