Purdy Avenue's Georgia's Union Shuts Its Doors

And another one bites the dust.

Amidst all the buzz about Purdy Avenue's re-birth, soul food kitchen Georgia's Union has closed after only three short months.

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The comfort food joint, a venture by Barclay Effs (owner of midtown's Morgan's), met with largely positive reviews during its short tenure.

"We loved Georgia's! Who really knows why one restaurant does so well and others just pass by. Our rent and cost on the beach were crazy. We had to do about 300 people a day to make any profit and we weren't anywhere close to that. We had 60 seats," said Effs.

"So we made a business decision to get out of there. If we had reasonable costs we would have stayed forever. I mean Morgan's is Morgan's. We love being in Wynwood. We were pioneers to that area and have a great business," she added.

The Georgia's team also expressed their sadness at the closure via Twitter.

@VictoriaPesceE What happened @GeorgiasUnion? Sad to see doors closed. Temporary?

@GeorgiasUnion @VictoriaPesceE I know so sad to have left!

No word on what will replace the empty spot at 1787 Purdy Avenue, a space previously occupied by Joe Allen's. As far as future expansions or new ventures, Effs said she'll have to take things a little more slowly.

"For future plans I'll have to take my time and find the right spot. When I took over Joe Allen's I signed the lease before my landlord closed on the building. It was more in the heat of the moment -- very impulsive!"

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