Pumpkin Shortage to Ruin Halloween

Hurricane Irene grazed past the Northeast this past August completely missing Miami, thankfully. (We are glad NY and the other Northeastern states have recovered.)

Irene did, however, manage to destroy a multitude of pumpkin farms all across the East, which means we might be looking at a jack-o-lantern free Halloween this year.

We heard from NPR,

that farmers everywhere are doubling their prices on their limited

stock and babying what little they have left. The relentless rain for

weeks on end prior to the storm also severely damaged their crops. The

farmers are wringing their fingers on this years harvest, which is

usually their life blood for the year.

This fall, we could

possibly be looking at a $15 price tag on pumpkins at grocery stores.

Our advice is simple and direct: Buy your pumpkins early. That goes for

canned too.

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