Pubbelly, PB Steak Present Mega-Affordable Summer Menus Today

Tonight, the Pubbelly clan will launch an unbeatable summer dinner and brunch menu at Pubbelly and its beef-centric sister restaurant, PB Steak, around the corner.

Designed to coincide with Miami Spice (even though Spice won't begin till August 1), the $35-per-person menu offers nine dishes to share. That's about seven more than you'd normally get if you're like us -- ballers on a budget.

Enticed yet? See what's included in the offerings.

The summer menu includes a choice of the following: croquetas (short-rib porcini, mint aioli), dates avec chorizo (goat cream, bacon), fried chicken thighs (kimchee, mustard miso, bibb lettuce), local cobia crudo gazpacho (vinaigrette-pickled watermelon, olive oil "cheese"), and heirloom tomatoes (soft tofu, amazu ponzu, blueberries).

Then you select two dumplings: duck 'n' pumpkin (orange, almonds, cinnamon, soy brown butter), pork belly 'n' scallion (su-shoyu, shichimi, onion marmalade), pastrami 'n' sauerkraut (white cabbage soy, thousand island, caraway), and short rib 'n' corn (black truffle, corn soy, sorrel, parmigiano).

Two of these will be included: barbecued "pork wings" (smoked teriyaki, chayote, peanuts), pork belly (kabocha, butterscotch miso, corn powder), pork meatballs (polenta, corn relish, shaved onions), and braised pork cheeks (ricotta gnudi, peas, wasabi butter).

You can then choose either green beans (tamari soy, mustard, almonds), Brussels sprouts, (bacon miso, sea salt), or roasted broccoli rabe (chilies, yuzu soy butter).

Nine dishes for $35 at Pubbelly isn't the only promo, however. Beginning Sunday from noon to 4 p.m., PB Steak will offer a three-course brunch with unlimited mimosas, bloody marys, and micheladas for $55 a person. If brunch isn't your thing, a deal for ten sharable plates for $39 per person for dinner should suffice.

Choose three from among local corvina crudo (white corn soy emulsion, roasted corn, jalapeño), yellowtail taquitos (ginger soy, avocado, red onion, radishes), steak tartare sliders (truffle, green mustard, Parmesan, frites), Florida heirloom tomatoes (house-made ricotta, lemon basil, pickled apricots), and classic iceberg wedge (organic baby iceberg, blue cheese, bacon vinaigrette, morrones).

And pick two from among these: medjool dates (smoked bacon, chorizo, tomato, goat cheese), pork cheek ravioli (green peas, beets, hazelnut-and-soy brown butter), house-made bacon confit (country potatoes, poached egg, bourbon jus), and Buffalo-style sweetbreads (blue cheese dip, pickled celery, carrots).

For the meat, choices include braised short ribs (charred zucchini, tomato sofrito, black lager jus), Madagascar prawns "a la planxa" (romesco, roasted peppers, hazelnut citrus butter), "Brooklyn" sirloin steak (five-ounce New York strip, sweet onion steak sauce), and lamb chops (green-pea purée, mint, tzatziki, cucumber).

Two of the following sides are also included: Brussels sprouts, soft potato purée, house fries, and broccoli rabe.

One of the best things about the summer menu (besides the fact that it's nearly endless), is that you can enjoy it at the bar as well -- just make room for all those dishes. And each menu comes with dessert!

Pubbelly's summer deal will run Tuesdays through Thursdays and Sundays (the restaurant is closed Mondays), while PB Steak's summer dinner deal will run Sundays through Thursdays. The menus will be available today through the end of Miami Spice (September 30). PB Steak brunch will take place Sundays.

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