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Pubbelly Going Vegan for One Night Only October 2

In a sign that the times are most definitely a' changin', the kings of pork are embracing plants. Notable Miami Beach eatery Pubbelly (whose owners were once called the Sovereigns of Swine by the New Times), is going vegan.

In partnership with Jugofresh, the team is hosting a pop-up vegan spread on October 2. For $60 a pop, attendees can dig into animal-free eats by chefs Jose Mendin and Paco.

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There will be two seatings for the special menu, one at 7 p.m. and one at 9:30 p.m.

For a restaurant known largely for its creative uses of pork belly, this is nothing if not surprising.

According to Mendin, Jugofresh and the Pubbelly team became buds as neighbors in Sunset Harbour. They finally decided to do a collaborative dinner based on their collective objectives, which are:

"Show that vegan food, contrary to what people may think, can be very flavorful, tasty and exciting," says Mendin.

"Showcase that although Pubbelly is always perceived as a 'heavy' restaurant, we can also prepare a variety of vegetable dishes," Mendin adds. "Pubbelly works weekly with local growers in bringing the best produce Miami has and making exciting dishes with it.

"Show off Chef Paco Laszlo's talent -- I really think that what he does at Jugofresh is very innovative and one-of-a-kind here in Miami and nationally," he continues.

"We will take on hearty recipes and recreate them to be all vegan and very tasty - think beefless bourgogne, think spaghetti and meatballs completely vegan."

And in the words of chef Paco, "Pubbelly and the people who work there are like family. They make pork and we make veggies. Vegan vs. carnivore. Juice vs. au jus. At first glance we seem so different but, truth is we are the same. We are just some guys who love to make food for people. They are family and this will be a fun family time!"

Has Miami hit its green-eating tipping point? Let's hope so.

The dinner is going down at Pubbelly on October 2, with two seatings at 7 and 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $60 per person and can be purchased at

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