Pubbelly Finally Opens on November 23

Overly eager business owners and publicists are notorious for announcing new restaurant births only to have the public wait, and wait, and wait for an actual opening. Pubbelly, Miami's newest Asian-inspired gastropub, is no exception.

We announced it more than two months ago and now, partners Andreas Schreiner, Jose Mendin and Sergio Navarro have done the same, announcing to the world they are ready to serve local pork-fiends their first dose of belly on November 23. That's next Tuesday for those of us sans-calendar or still using fingers to count. It's about darned time, folks...

Everyone loves a new restaurant, especially after those drool-worthy pics the Pubbelly guys have been posting on their Facebook like meatballs with sommen and lemongrass and confit pork belly and duck rilletes. We certainly hope the food's as good as it looks. As our own Jose Duran warned them, "Nobody likes a restaurant that fails to deliver."

On that note, congrats to Jose, Sergio and Andreas, aka. the Pubbelly boyz! Now bring on the pig!

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