Preview: Miami Spice at Bourbon Steak Gets a Check Plus

Miami Spice couldn't come fast enough for restaurants in the slow, slow Miami summer, particularly for places like Michael Mina's Bourbon Steak, tucked out of the way for many South Florida foodies. But the staffers at Bourbon Steak aren't the only ones who should be excited for the upcoming August 1 kickoff, because the restaurant's $39 dinner menu is pretty exceptional.

As we've mentioned, this year participating Miami Spice restaurants are being split into two categories: fine dining ($19 lunch and $33 dinner) and luxury ($23 lunch and $39 dinner). Bourbon Steak is notoriously expensive year-round, so although the price hike may seem like a deterrent, the cost is less than the majority of the main dishes on the regular menu.

The appetizers to choose from for Miami Spice are the local wahoo, grilled peach salad, and corn ravioli. The corn ravioli, complimented with brown butter and Chanterelle mushrooms, brings a sweet taste of autumn, and the peach salad, served with ricotta and spicy coppa, is a strange, but interesting palate experience. The local wahoo is a standout without question. Served with a spread of Haas avocado, tomato jelly, and onion, it practically tastes like Michael Mina yanked it out of the ocean himself and sliced it right on to the plate.

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Ilana Shulevitz