Post-Easter Regression: What to Do With Those Leftover Peeps

We celebrate our post-Easter holiday around here with a ritual: our annual Peeps Stations of the Cross, Peeps Crucifixion, and Peeps Heresy Trials. What is it about those little yellow, blue, pink, and purple marshmallow chickies that makes you wanna do nasty things to them? Why are there always so many leftover Peeps once the holiday has safely passed, just begging to be tortured? Are they really, as CNN reported, indestructible

Evidently the folks at Serious Eats are of the same mind, because they've posted a recipe for S'meeps in their latest issue (S'mores, made with Peeps). Shoving the Peeps into a toaster oven with chocolate and graham crackers might not be quite as much fun as affixing them to a burning cross or tossing them into the toilet bowl weighted with stones to see if they float (we've discovered through this experiment that many Peeps are in fact witches), but they sure look like they taste pretty good.

And we're not the only ones who go homicidal at the thought of leftover peeps. Check out laughing squid's Peepflagration here.

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