Pop Rocks Sushi? Explosive Recipes for July 4

Fourth of July is all fireworks and hot dogs. We were cringing at the prospect of the same, boring foods this year. We wanted foods with some pop...and then it hit us -- Pop Rocks. It turns out you can do quite a lot with this popping candy, including making it yourself. But if you're too lazy for that (we know we are), here are some ideas that are quick and will go right for your sweet tooth .

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Cupcakes: These can be tricky since the candy starts popping when

it comes in contact with water. There are a couple ways to avoid this


Start with regular cupcakes (boxed or from scratch). Allow them to cool,

and then core the centers. Melt some chocolate and mix it in with the

pop rocks. The fat in the chocolate prevents the candy from being

activated by the moisture.

Your other option is to frost the cupcakes and pour the pop rocks on

top. To make it a surprise, try mixing in the candy with sugar

sprinkles. This way, no one realizes there are pop rocks until they feel

them exploding in their mouths (hopefully you can get a few shrieks out

of this trick).

Sushi: This is by far the craziest idea here. Yet it is surprisingly good. We poured them on top of a California roll and dipped them in soy sauce before popping them in our mouths. The sweetness of the candy compliments the roll nicely. And the saltiness of the soy sauce ensures that the sushi doesn't taste too sweet. The popping adds a nice fizzing sensation in your mouth, that almost sounds like firecrackers going off in your mouth.

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Truffles: Roll chocolate ganache into truffle balls as usual.

Then roll them in pop rocks until they are covered. Quickly dip them

into a chocolate coating and allow them to set in the refrigerator.

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Martinis and Margaritas: The W was making these not too long ago. Prepare your favorite drink in a

separate container. Sugar the rims of your glasses (sadly, if you try

and use pop rocks they will all explode before you get to drink it).

Pour in your cocktail, and top with pop rocks. Drink quickly because

these things explode. Personally, we like the idea of strawberry candy with a strawberry cocktail.

These weren't all the ideas we saw either. Among them were No-Bake Pop Rocks Cheesecake and exploding lollipops. Although after trying them out on the sushi, we're feeling more adventurous. Pop rocks and chicken wings, anyone?

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