Pollo Tropical Celebrates National Soup Day on Wednesday With $1 Soups

It's good to see restaurants take food holidays seriously, especially fast food chains like Pollo Tropical when they offer $1 cups of soup all day to celebrate National Soup Day.

To take advantage of this deal, a customer has to say, "Happy Soup Day!" to the cashier and you pay only one buck for a cup of either Caribbean chicken or split pea soup.

And dammit you better say it with some enthusiasm, this is a national food holiday we're talking about!

Technically, January is National Soup Month, but the offer is only valid on Wednesday, January 18.

Don't get too excited, customers are limited to only two cups per store visit, but that doesn't mean they can't hit up another store for the same deal right?

Also, cups of soup normally run $1.79 plus tax, so it's not much of a deal, but a deal is a deal, right? Maybe you can finagle the cashier into giving you a bowl for only a buck.

"Winter is the best time to enjoy our popular Caribbean chicken soup, and this is our way of rewarding our loyal customers and introducing ourselves to new fans," says Kim Miller, vice president of marketing and communications at Pollo Tropical.

Not sure what winter has to do with enjoying hot soup in Miami, but whatever, maybe these one dollar soups are a great segue for a Pollo Tropical dollar menu.

The Caribbean chicken soup is stocked with corn, yucca, plantains and

chicken, and the split pea is an original Pollo Tropical recipe with

green split peas, chorizo, ham potatoes and Caribbean seasonings.

Founded in 1988, the Miami-based chain offers always fresh--never frozen, authentic, quick-service Caribbean cuisine and has several locations throughout Miami. It is best known for their signature citrus-marinated chicken grilled on an open flame, mojo pork, guava barbeque ribs and TropiChops bowls.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.