Politics of Miami Plates: Cap'n Crunch Pancakes Are Gay Friendly

These days, a chicken sandwich is seen as the meal of champions for right wing conservatives and a bowl of cereal can mean you want to lead the next pride parade. This got us thinking...what other political statements are our foods making? Now granted, no one will ever know how a sandwich feels about two men loving on each other, but we scoured the web for insights on the political opinions of the personified dishes (not the restaurants!) from a few Miami eateries.

Cap'n Crunch Pancakes from the Eating House's Brunch Menu ($12)
General Mills, the makers of American breakfast staples like Cap'n Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms, recently spoke out against Minnesota's proposed gay marriage ban saying that the firm "value[s] diversity and inclusion" in the workplace, a bold stance for a corporation to take for such a politically charged issue. From this we can easily infer that the Cap'n crunch pancakes from Eating House (now open and here to stay) are a stack of liberal candied cereal cakes topped with vanilla butter who are full-fledged supporters of same-sex marriage.

Baked Cuban Tostones Enchilados from The Globe ($15)
On August 28, these traditional Cuban snacks (which come with your choice of chicken, shrimp or steak) will be gobbled down by Miami's chapter of Young Republicans as they watch the Republican Convention unfold during their monthly meeting at The Globe. Many Cubans in Miami are strong supporters of the Republican National Committee, and we're pretty certain these Cuban Enchilados are part of team Romney.

Burrata from Michael's Genuine Food & Drink ($20)
In case you haven't heard, there is a lot of controversy surrounding Florida's tomatoes but the heirlooms that make up the burrata at Michael's are conflict free from Teena's pride down in the Redlands. According to Tomtoland: How Modern Industrial agriculture Destroyed our Most Alluring Fruit by Barry Eastbrook, the state of Florida has successfully prosecuted seven cases of slavery in the last 15 years, freeing over 1,000 workers; they've charged the perpetrators with slavery. That's right...slavery. This news is prompting many diners in Florida demand to know where their tomatoes are coming from to ensure they were harvested under humane conditions. At Teena's Pride, workers are protected by the Good Agricultural Practices, voluntary guideline to insure a clean and safe working environment for all employees. We're guessing from all that equal rights activism and demand for humane conditions, that this burrata is one of the cleanest supporters of the Occupy Miami movement.

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