Playboy Picks America's Best Bars: Mac's Club Deuce, The Raleigh, Ted's Hideaway

Hey, look at that. Playboy is more than just tits and ass. There are actually words. Interesting.

If you can peel your eyes away from the buxom blonde for a moment, you'll see that the gentleman's magazine has released its Guide to America's Best Bars (link totally SFW). Nineteen where chosen across the U.S., and two Miami Beach establishments made the cut.

It's really no surprise Mac's Club Deuce made the list. Congrats to them, and we don't want to take away from a deserved recognition, but we do wish people would stop acting like this place is some sort of well-kept South Beach secret. It's anything but. It's such a popular dive bar, that we're almost sure it doesn't even qualify as a dive bar anymore. Though, we admit we love how it does seem to be the Beach's great equalizer, which Playboy points out in its description.

The second pick at the Raleigh's Martini Bar, which looks like a place James Bond would hang out -- and we're talking about Sean Connery James Bond, not the Daniel Craig version. Playboy calls it "the crown jewel of anonymous vintage cocktail bars in a town of shake-your-booty nightclubs." So true.

Finally, while Ted's Hideaway didn't make the big list, it did get a mention in it's On the Dive Bar list. However, much like Mac's Club Deuce, Ted's really isn't a secret. If you had asked us what the city's best dive bar is, we would have picked Harvey's by the Bay at the American Legion. Now that's a true dive bar. It's eerily creepy, but not creepy enough to scare you away. The veterans who hang there make for great conversation. Also, we picked bartender Sean as the city's best for a reason.

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