Plato Royale: French Fries, Joe Allen vs. Meat Market

Who doesn't love French fries? Despite their popularity, however, Miami lacks really amazing French fries. And, no, we're not even considering fast food fries an option here. While this is not the definitive answer to the question as to who has the best French fries in Miami, we did put two restaurants to the test to see how their spuds held up. Below, a head-to-head comparison of the fries at Joe Allen and Meat Market.

Joe Allen: ($6)

Pros: A tangle of warm, thin, crispy fries arrived promptly. These lightly salted French fries were straightforward and classic. Thankfully, they were prepared without more trendy touches like truffle oil.

Cons: While they were served warm, these fries get cold quickly. We had to eat them fast before they became too hard.

Meat Market: ($8)

Pros: These starchy wedges are more steak fries than French fries, but the thick potato planks were solid on the outside and tender inside. They come seasoned with paprika and accompanied by a tasty béarnaise sauce.

Cons: The fries were on the salty side and some of the wedges were served a little well-done to our liking.

Verdict: The hearty steak fries at Meat Market may have been a tad overdone, but they were filling and delicious. Joe Allen's fries, on the other hand, got cold and hard too quickly to be enjoyable.

Joe Allen
1787 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach

Meat Market
915 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

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