Plato Royale: Battle of Onion Rings, Burger & Beer Joint vs. Finnegan's Way

Whether you are looking to shake up your normal French fries and burger routine or you have a thing for batter and Vidalias, onion rings are the unsung side dish at most casual restaurants in America. These fried onion orbs can be dipped in buttermilk and flour, or more substantially coated in a thick batter. Onion rings that meet our criteria must not be greasy, fall apart after one bite or lack flavor. That being said, Short Order searched for the tastiest onion rings in Miami. Below, our quickie comparison of the Burger & Beer Joint versus Finnegan's Way.

Burger & Beer Joint

Pros: These "colossal" onion rings are beer-battered, deep-fried, dusted with cayenne pepper and served with a warm cheddar cheese sauce with minced jalapenos. It's a zesty, flavor explosion. 

Cons: Not for the faint of heart, or those watching their weight. You must love onions, because these suckers are huge and oniony. 

Finnegan's Way

Pros: These perfectly coated onion rings have an agreeable, mellow onion taste. They are more like straw onions than traditional onion rings. The portion is just enough to whet your appetite. 

Cons: They were served lukewarm and needed salt. They seemed more like a garnish than a full side order. 

Verdict: The fried onions at Finnegan's Way are just that. They would be great topped on a burger. However, the onion rings at B&B are a meal on their own with a thick batter. And the cheddar cheese jalapeno dip is an added, gooey bonus. 

Burger & Beer Joint
1766 Bay Rd., Miami Beach

Finnegan's Way
1344 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach

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