Plato Royale: Battle of Chicken Tacos -- Taco Bell vs. Latin Burger and Taco

The people at Taco Bell are again thinking outside the bun. With their new cantina tacos, the creators of the "fourth meal" are attempting to beef up their over-Americanized menu with their take on taco truck goods.

The cantina options are described in a Taco Bell press release as "freshly prepared Mexican tacos... that combine the traits of authentic street tacos with the familiarity of Taco Bell value."

Short Order decided to stand a Taco Bell cantina chicken taco up against one from local food truck Latin Burger and Taco.

The battle begins below.

Taco Bell's cantina taco.

Pros: The freshly cut lime slice is a nice authentic touch. And it's most likely an unprecedented drive-thru condiment.

Cons: The cantina taco's small tortilla (it fits in the palm of your hand) has a just-mircowaved taste. And the minuscule chicken strips are flavorless and rubbery. The presentation is even more pathetic. The taco could be stuffed with more of everything. It is probably the worst item Short Order has ever ordered at the fast-food joint.

Latin Burger and Taco's chicken tomatillo taco.

Pros: Latin Burger's chicken tomatillo taco is composed of a massive, eight-inch tortilla packed with steaming-hot chicken chunks. Prepared in a tomatillo salsa, the meat is perfectly marinated and bursting with flavor. The added sauce complements the salsa's kick. And the freshly chopped cilantro and scallions provide the perfect crunch. Latin Burger's tacos are $3 and Taco Bell's are $1.50, but they're more than twice the size.

Cons: Though the food is great, the wait outside the popular food truck is far from that. Short Order recently stood in line 15 minutes for an order.

Verdict: Well, Taco Bell, nice try. While we appreciate the effort, Short Order will not be stopping by for cantina tacos anytime soon. Their goodness ended with the lime. Lesson learned. For Nachos BellGrande, head to Taco Bell. But for an authentic food truck taco, go to an authentic food truck! And preferably, visit Latin Burger and Taco. The mobile eatery was brought to Miami by Jim Heins and Food Network star Ingrid Hoffmann. The meat served is fresh, and the flavors are intense. Other scrumptious taco options include their pulled pork and chicken mole. Several bites in, you will forget how long you waited for the taco.

Follow Latin Burger and Taco on Twitter to find out where the truck is posted up today.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.