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Pizza-Related Violence at Mokai Caught On Tape

52: Pizza Guy from rakontur on Vimeo.

Miami's digital auteurs, Rakontur, caught this classic South Beach food-related violent club incident on tape as part of its Clubland Miami web series. The pizza this pain-glutton lunatic is eating appears to be Papa Johns. I placed a call to their 15th street location on South Beach and asked if they'd ever seen any type of violent reactions displayed in response to their pizza.

The guy who picked up the phone said "No sir, not at all. Nope. Never nothing like that." Since he used a double negative in his response, it is entirely possible he was dodging the question without lying by using a slick public relations maneuver, I'll never know. What I'm sure of is that there are such things as blood tacos, blood soup, and blood sausage. But blood pizza, I never heard of. It must be a South Beach specialty. Enjoy.

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Jacob Katel
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