Behold! The Grandeur!
Behold! The Grandeur!
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Pig Is Good Party at Harvey's: The Name Says It All

As Morrissey said, "Meat is Murder." Tasty, tasty murder.

And as we all now, in the beginning, after God warmed up by making man and woman, he set his sights on creating a truly perfect creature--the pig. For what part of the Great and Holy Pig is not tasty?

Hoofs? Tasty. Tail? Tasty. Nose? Tasty.

If the finger-wagging, Vegan Right-wing is correct and humans were not meant to barbecue ribs, roast pork chops, and fry bacon, then why did God make these things so goddamn delicious? The defense rests.

At least we know Harvey's by the Bay (6445 NE 7th Ave, Miami) has our backs--and our baby-backs--because Sunday, November 22 between 3:15 - 8 p.m. they're hosting PIG - Pig is Good.

If you've been to Harvey's, you know the drinks are cheap and the inside/outside space is indeed spacious. A perfect venue for an all-afternoon BBQ prepared by Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog (Rick Ross's personal chef - no joke), who promises to utilize all the delicious parts of our favorite animal. You can also expect a live acoustic set from Afrobeta, along with Elastic Bond, Uncle Scotchy and DJs Christian and Libran from Electric Porkchop. Call 954-394-2763 or visit for prices, etc.


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