P.I.G. 4: Jeremiah Bullfrog Unites With Miami's Best Chefs to Celebrate the Hog

Since its inception in 2009, chef Jeremiah Bullfrog's P.I.G. (Pork Is Good) celebrations have ballooned from solo shows to fetes with Miami's best chefs. For its fourth rendition, the Gastropod owner and personal chef to Rick Ross is planning an unusual move.

He's letting other chefs upstage him.

On November 24 at GAB Studios in Wynwood, the P.I.G. lineup will include Giorgio Rapicavoli of Eating House, Conor Hanlon of the Dutch, Aaron Brooks of Edge Steak & Bar, Brad Kilgore of J&G Grill, and Antonio Bachour, executive pastry chef of the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort.

"I'm going to do the most simple of all the dishes," Bullfrog says. "Usually, I'm the one who picks the hardest dishes and goes totally left field, but now that I've got all of these creative guys around me, I'm going to scale it back, be supersimple, and highlight the actual pig."

Still, simplicity is a matter of perspective. Bullfrog is sourcing his hogs from a North Carolina whiskey distiller who raises pigs on leftover corn mash. The result will be a "drunken pig, Chinese-style." The rest, he says, will be sourced from Palmetto Creek Farms in Central Florida.

Other than that, he has little insight into what the menus will look like.

"Everyone is getting creative freedom as far as the dish," he says, suggesting that Rapicavoli is planning a pho-inspired plate. "We're doing it in an art gallery, and everyone has to be conscious of the cooking environment, which is something that I excel at because I've cooked on a food truck and done catering for seven years. Most of these guys have their own kitchens or hotels with unlimited resources."

VIP tickets ($50) will grant guests early entry at 3 p.m. The price includes a taste of all of the chefs' dishes and unlimited booze from Republic National Distributing Company's mixologist Michael Parish and Gravity Brewlab -- which, by the way, is fermenting a special beer for the event. Get tickets here.

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