Avocado mania!
Avocado mania!
Courtesy of Bernetallo Farms

Pick Your Own Avocados at Bernetallo Farms on July 9

Mangoes are falling from the skies across South Florida, which means avocados are up next. But if your neighborhood is short on fruit-laden trees, not to worry. Bernetallo Farms in Homestead is having a pick-your-own day on July 9, so you can head home with all the avocados you can carry.

Dubbed the "First Annual Avocado Harvest," it's a new event — and not to be missed for fans of the versatile fruit. 

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The farm is actually a family business, a partnership between Kevin Bernhardt and his wife, Jodie. Her maiden name is Metallo, hence the Bernetallo moniker.

The Bernetallo grove
The Bernetallo grove
Courtesy of Bernetallo Farms

"On the day of, we will give visitors a fruit picker and bucket and they will be given full access to our avocado grove," says Bernhardt of the event. "We will have employees scattered throughout the grove ready to help anyone that needs a hand. Once they hand-select the ones they want, they'll come to the farm stand where we sell what we grow, along with other local crops, and pay there." Admission to the event is free. Pickers just pay market price for their individual avocado haul.

Considering that avocados are high in potassium, good fats, vitamin E, and lots of other good stuff, stocking up on them is a smart move. Plus, they're excellent in everything from chocolate pudding to ice cream. 

The variety that visitors will be picking is called the Donnie, and it originated in Florida. There are several differences between this fat local breed and the Haas that many folks are used to.

"Donnies easily get [to] between one and two-and-a-half pounds, whereas a Hass will usually average around a half-pound. Hass also look very different with superdark, bumpy skin. Donnies are smooth skinned and very bright green," explains Bernhardt.

Then there's taste. "Hass are known for being very fatty, pasty in texture, with a nutty taste," he says. "Donnies are lighter, healthier for you (since they contain less fat), and smoother in taste." According to Bernhardt, Florida avocados offer more bang for your buck, which means more avocado for your money. 

Whole avocados won't be the only things at the event. There'll also be guacamole. "We will be making fresh guacamole with avocados from our own trees, and customers will be able to customize what goes into their order," says Bernhardt. "So if you like your guac with no tomato and extra onion, you're in luck." Azucar will also be on site selling ice cream.

There'll be plenty of shade, positive vibes, and perhaps a peacock sighting!

The event runs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, July 9, at Bernetallo Farms, 26101 SW 157th Ave. Visit bernetallofarms.org or call 305-615-9756.

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