Phuc Yea!: Pop-up Restaurant Has Ten Days Left

Last call! Miami's first pop-up restaurant, Phuc Yea!, has officially started the '10 Day Countdown til [they] Peace Out' of the local food scene.

While we're all sad to see the quaintest and dankest place go, here are the perks to enjoy before they bid adieu:

From today to December 8, the place won't close as usual on Sunday and Monday. Instead, it will be open every day from 5:30 to 10 p.m. Parking is free in the area after 6, and it's a nice spot to grab a bite of Vietnamese fare between Art Basel attractions.

In addition to the regular daily menu, Phuc Yea! is now offering a $45 tasting menu for all who haven't had the chance to visit. Essentially, you'll inform the waiter of any food allergies and from that point forward, Chefs Cesar Zapata and Daniel Treiman (a fellow Short Order blogger) will keep the food coming your way until you say dung lai - that's stop in Vietnamese. Whatever you end up ordering, ask for extra pickled daikon. You can thank us later.

Still upset they're leaving? Worry not. Partner Aniece Meinhold (also a Short Order alum) informs us these folks hope to pop up again. "We're thinking of bringing it back... maybe in three months." Keep in touch with them on Twitter, Facebook and their website.

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