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Peter Mondavi Jr. at Biltmore Wine Dinner

​Don't mourn Philippe Ruiz's departure from the Biltmore just yet; it seems he's got a few surprises still in store, like a much ballyhooed Mondavi wine dinner at Palme d'Or next Tuesday, January 17. And guess who's gonna be in town talking about the heavenly liquid that makes us all swoon? Napa Valley winemaker and proprietor of Charles Krug, Peter Mondavi Jr. His winemaking philosophy, we're told, is "to be true to the variety and land, be minimally invasive, and have balance and honesty, and to produce a wine that is to be enjoyed at the meal, with food." Sold.

Now then, we're not going to tell you the entire menu five-course Ruiz has planned, but suffice it to say it includes shaved and cured foie with sweet Indian curry, farm-raised roasted squab filet (guess he didn't opt to barbecue it like Chopped champ Giorgio Rapicavoli did on Tuesday night's episode), roasted venison chop alongside crispy polenta and grand veneur sauce, and l'opera cake for dessert.

Tickets for the 7 p.m. dinner are $150 for non-members and can be ordered by calling 305-913-3201.

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Riki Altman