PETA's Halloween Campaign: Sharon Needles Gives a Shout Out to the Miami Zombie

Whether you support PETA or hate them there's one thing you've got to admit -- their campaigns are visually stunning and pretty damn clever.

In the spirit of Halloween, the animal rights organization based in Hampton Roads, Virginia, has created a zombie campaign. Their poster girl zombie? 

None other than RuPaul's Drag Race winner Sharon Needles. The goth drag queen diva is depicted in the ad as a flesh-eating zombie, complete with bloody face and a few extra limbs to gnaw on. 

The tagline, "Eating shouldn't cost an arm and a leg" is designed to equate humans eating animal flesh with zombies eating people flesh.  

Accordint to the PETA website, the poster will be plastered all over New York City and will be featured at prominent haunted house attractions all over the country (we're looking forward to seeing it here in Miami). In addition, PETA volunteers will hand out postcards and there's even a fridge magnet for sale which pretty much guarantees you won't be opening that freezer door to reach for the pork loin. The magnet, by he way, is back ordered until October 24.

There's even a "making of" video where a bloody Sharon Needles explains to us that "dead things should be buried and not eaten." Besides that, she explains that anytime she can get doused with a bucket of blood -- she's in.

But what got us really excited is that in the video, Needles gives a "shout out" to our own bath salts zombie!  

It's all good. After all -- isn't flesh-eating zombie state a little more catchy than sunshine state?

Watch here:

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